PUDU Open Platform

PUDU Open Platform offers open software and hardware services to developers in the robot industry, enabling developers to leverage all the capabilities of our robots and integrate them in various industries. Developers can develop and implement their own robot business from scratch and bring infinite possibilities to their projects.


Open Whole-link Technology Capabilities,Meet Needs for Multiple Scenes

With PUDU Open Platform, developers have unprecedented access to core functions and can explore advanced and diverse possibilities to create innovative solutions that push the boundaries of robotics.

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Human-Robot Interaction

Support developers to fully customize robot software to meet multi-industry scenarios

  • Customised Operating Mode

    Customised Operating Mode

  • Volume Control

    Volume Control

  • Light Control

    Light Control

  • Touch Sensor Control

    Touch Sensor Control

  • Screen Display Control

    Screen Display Control

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Navigation Controls

Allows customizations on remote navigation control, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic cruising, and scheduling.

  • Map Management

    Map Management

  • Destination Navigation

    Destination Navigation

  • Recharge Navigation

    Recharge Navigation

  • Cruise


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Voice Customization

Personalized interactive voice to meet localized, branded and featured interactive needs.

  • Voice Scene Management

    Voice Scene Management

  • Multilingual Voice Management

    Multilingual Voice Management

  • Voice Packet Delivery Management

    Voice Packet Delivery Management

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Digital Management

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your robot's performance by accessing real-time data on its operations, monitoring, battery usage, and other critical metrics.

  • Delivery Data

    Delivery Data

  • Return Data

    Return Data

  • Cruise Data

    Cruise Data

  • Guiding Data

    Guiding Data

  • Cleaning Data

    Cleaning Data

  • Battery Data

    Battery Data

  • Abnormal Alert Data

    Abnormal Alert Data

A Multi-functional Solution for Diverse Needs

Smart Catering

With the service robot, customers can be guided to their tables and assisted in placing their orders through the robot's interactive interface. Once the order is placed, the robot is automatically called back to the kitchen to pick up the food, ensuring a seamless and efficient service experience. The robot can also guide customers through the payment process, providing a hassle-free and contactless payment option.

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